A long period of planning is finally turning into action and a group of influential immigrants has joined forces to make it happen. Alexis Kouros, Umayya Abu-Hanna, Ahmed Akar, Jeremy Gould, Mustafa Görler, Eilina Gusatinsky and Mulki Mölsä have formed the establishing committee that aims to initiate this new democratic process.
Some days ago I was surprised by an article in HS considering the decision about foundation of Immigrant Parliament in Finland. The item was so interesting to me, that I have googled more material on it, and I must say, there is a lot of. In Finnish, Russian and English. Unfortunately, I speak only those languages, except (of course!) ‘second native’ Swedish.

But even more I was surprised by this site. You write, that ‘a long period of planning is turning into action’, and I think, why didn’t I ever heard about it earlier? I’m also an immigrant in Finland, and like all of you, I live here for 20 years. I’m even looking like one of you – some grey hear, beard, age glasses etc. And, of course, I’m very influential! So, I think, if you don’t need people like me, or you don’t know about existence of people like me in such a small country, how will you arrange elections to your Parliament? You haven’t too much time to get to know us better, so that we also could participate to this entity in sense of elections and to be elected. When will you start?

I have tried to publish this comment on the site of Parliament http://www.ipf.fi, but every time after next shorting of it, it was still ‘too long’ for the program. So, just can I say to site owners: Sorry for long thoughts!